Since all the weirdos are celebrating Christmas in July, this episode is aptly timed. It’s Christmastime in Briarcliff. 

With Sister Judd gone, Sister Mary is in charge. And boy is she loving it. As she is a demon, she’s taking great joy in torturing the people in her care. When she doesn’t have any decorations for the tree, she cuts off pieces of patients’ hair and steals their dentures.

Not everyone is having as joyous of a Christmas as she is, of course. Kit and Lana are in the medical ward, recovering from their injuries. Both of them have been hurt and betrayed by Thredson. Both of them would very much like to get revenge. When Thredson shows up at Briarcliff, he gets more than he expects. 

Meanwhile, Sister Judd is trying to get back into Briarcliff to save her people. I mean, she wouldn’t hesitate for a second to beat anyone in that damned place black and blue if they so much as looked at her twice. But they’re still her people. And she gets a helping hand getting back in from an unexpected source. 

Of course, as it is Christmas, a visit from Santa seems in order. Mary certainly thinks so. So she lets a psycho out of solitary. One who gets all homicidal when he wears a red suit and white beard. 

At this point, I can’t see that Sister Mary has much more motivation than to make as much trouble for everyone involved as she can. She wants to cause pain and chaos and misery. Which is working well.

A bad guy with a good reason is scary because we see part of ourselves in them. They make us realize that we could easily be like them. But a bad guy with no reason is so much scarier. Because we see none of ourselves in them. There is no humanity, no saving grace. No love or loyalty. There is just a creature who delights in pain. Who might chew out your throat and laugh while he does it. 

What’s even worse is that she wears the face of an innocent young woman, who’s trapped in a particularly vicious hell. 

I don’t think they’ll ever be able to save her. I wonder how many the demon will take along with her. 

Oh and by the way, people who celebrate Christmas in July are also demons.

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