This episode of American Horror Story had just one question to ask. It’s one that a lot of artists ask themselves. 

How much would you give up to be great? Not good, but great

Harry is struggling with that question. He’s taken the muse, and it’s working. He’s writing like mad, not sleeping or eating. The words are pouring out of him, and they’re good. 

So good that Netflix already bought his show and Joaquin Phoenix wants to work on it. Now, I’m a writer myself. The thought of writing the entire first season of a brilliant show in a matter of a week, without editing or rewriting anything, really does sound like a fucking miracle.

Of course, this isn’t without its price. Harry is snapping at Alma and Doris. He’s not taking care of himself. And he’s, well, thirsty.

Harry does his best to control these strange new cravings. He wrings blood out of steaks, then blends them up to drink them. This scene was enough to make anyone at least consider being a vegetarian.

Fortunately, Bella and Austin are ready to help him through his transition. They take him out to dinner. And by dinner, I mean they kill and eat some guy who was selling stolen goods on Craigs List. 

Afterward, Belle tells him he needs to have his teeth looked after by Lark. She’s another artist who takes the muse.

I love that this transition from man to vampire requires choices. Harry had to chose to take the pills. Then, he chooses to have his teeth filed down. All so that he can continue writing this brilliant new work he’s been doing.

But aside from his soul, and the ability to comfortably enjoy ice cream, what is he risking for this great new talent? Certainly, he’s risking his marriage and his relationship with his daughter.

He might risk more than that, though. Alma, who wants to be a famous musician, steals one of her dad’s pills and takes it. Her playing becomes great almost immediately after taking it. But of course, she becomes as obsessed as her father. And just as nasty.

Poor Doris. I can’t imagine she’ll survive long with two blood-thirsty artists in her home. But I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to see what happens.

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