After an explosive start, episode two of American Horror Stories is exactly what I was expecting.

And that’s kind of disappointing. 

Scarlett is doing just fine in the Murder House. She’s even met a girl named Ruby, and they’ve fallen in love. Ruby’s a young woman with a sick backstory. She went to the Murder House to kill herself. No one told her she’d be stuck there forever. 

Ruby and Scarlett are happy with each other. But her parents are having trouble. 

The problem is, it’s the same exact kind of trouble that all couples seem to have in the Murder House. They’re fighting about money, which was great when they did it in season one. One of them is flirting with someone else, just like in season one. They cheat, just like in season one. 

Oh, and Scarlett is menaced by the teenagers she killed.

Then Halloween comes, and everyone gets their night out. 

Then Ruby tries to get Scarlett to kill herself so they can be together forever.

Then some guy there to do work has to be killed because he finds the body of a dead teenager. 

Just like in season one!

It felt like someone just diluted the story, put new characters in the same situations, and let them do the same damn thing. It’s not even like the story follows the rules already applied. Weren’t Viv and Ben devoted to keeping other people from moving in?

Look, here’s the thing. I’m not saying that these two episodes of American Horror Stories were bad. They were quite fun. The story was bloody and sexy and funny. 

The problem is that it didn’t bring anything new. It was just a smaller version of Murder House. Even the ending was the same. We get yet another happy family ending. Everyone’s dead, but everyone’s happy about being together.

I’m holding out hope that the rest of the season brings us something new. Because if all American Horror Stories does is rehash American Horror Story seasons, then it’s not doing a quarter of what it could.

And I expected better. We, as AHS fans, deserve better. 

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