This episode of Coven starts with a letter that will be familiar to Off The Bone fans because I read it during an episode. This episode, like that one, has to do with the Axeman of New Orleans.

Unlike that episode of Off The Bone, this episode with dive instantly into fiction. 

The Axeman makes the fatal mistake of messing with the witch’s academy back in 1919. They, being the badass women that they are, did away with him and he was never heard from again. 

Until that is, Zoe decides it’s her sacred mission to find Madison. She finds an ouija board and decides to start talking to any spirits in the house who want to talk to her. Which is, you know, dumb. Queenie tries to warn her, but Zoe’s too stuck on finding her friend.

This is pure Zoe, and it is both wonderful and terrible. You’d think she’d have learned to stop doing dangerous shit to bring her friends back to life after what happened with Kyle. But there she goes, finding Madison’s dead body in the attic and dragging Misty into town to cure her. 

The girls are left pretty much on their own during this process. Cordelia is recovering from her injury, and coming to terms with her new powers. This power of Sight allowed her to see that her husband, Hank, cheated on her with Kaylee. 

For some reason, it didn’t show her that Hank is a witch hunter. He was hired by Marie Laveau to kill all of the Salem descendants. Oh, that’s why he shot Kaylee, by the way. She was a witch. He’s killed a handful of witches, sadly. But Marie wants more. She wants Fiona, Cordelia, and all of their students dead.

Fiona might have something to say about that. She’s a shitty Supreme, I think we can all agree. But she’s down for a witch battle. 

At least she might be if she wasn’t battling cancer. If she wasn’t going through chemo. Oh, and if she wasn’t doting on Cordelia, trying to make up for a lifetime of neglect in the scant time she has left. 

It’s hard to feel bad for Fiona, but not impossible. Especially when she says she just wants one more love affair before she dies. She might just get it, but not in the way she’d like. You’d think she notices the Axeman when he came into the bar and smiled at her. But maybe she was a little distracted.

Lots of things are conspiring against our coven, Killer Queens. But the thing that seems most likely to do them in is their fellow witches. 

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