We start this episode with some background on Marie Laveau. We finally find out why she’s still alive after all these years. 

It’s not great. 

She made a deal with Papa Legba for eternal youth. She didn’t know it, but the cost would be her child. And an innocent baby every year.

(Historically, Marie Laveau had many children, including a daughter who became the New Orleans Voodoo Queen after her. By all accounts, she was a loving mother and eventually grandmother.)

On the show, though, Marie is forced to go into the hospital and steal a newborn to give Papa Legba.

This news isn’t enough to keep Fiona from wanting to make a deal with him. She’s afraid to die. Which makes sense. After all, she hasn’t led a good life. It’s clear nothing good is going to be waiting for her in the next world. 

The thing is, Papa Legba only cares about one thing. And it’s the one thing Fiona doesn’t have. 

Speaking of things people don’t have, Cordelia seems to have lost all of her witchy powers, not just her visions. She’s angry, she’s brooding. She’s throwing things around her workshop and losing her temper at Myrtle. I’m noticing that, for a teacher, she doesn’t do a whole hell of a lot of teaching. 

Not that there’s much left to teach. Queenie is presumed dead, though that’s up in the air. She wasn’t in this episode, at least.

Madison is worried that Misty is going to be the next Supreme. Especially after Fiona invites Stevie Nicks to come to meet her.

Oh yeah, Stevie Nicks is in this episode. Which was, you know, awesome.

Madison lures Misty to a cemetery and traps her in a coffin about to be buried. I can’t imagine she’ll be staying there. But that’s not going to be a fun way to wake up.

Nan also has quite a day. She and Zoe go to visit Luke in the hospital. But Luke’s not there anymore, since his mother smothered him with a pillow.

It’s generally not a good idea to kill someone whose girlfriend can read minds. But don’t worry, Nan took care of that with a little bleach.

Nan was really on a roll. After killing Luke’s mom, she discovers the kidnapped baby in Marie’s room. She confronts Marie, insisting she give the baby back. And in a way, Nan does save the baby. 

Just not in the way she intended.

Witches are dropping like flies. I’m no longer sure there’s going to be anyone left alive by the end of the season. But I guess we’ll have to see. 

They also have a habit of coming back from the dead.

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