This was, for lack of a better term, a twisted episode of American Horror Story, Freak Show. It says something that the season became darker and more strange when the killer clown died.

Stanley talks Jimmy into selling his hand to get a lawyer. Poor Jimmy, faced with the possibility of death row, agrees. Of course, this is only the lesser of two evils. Stanley takes both hands when Jimmy had only agreed to one. Then Jimmy’s left in the care of a nurse who had a friend who’d been at the Tupperware party massacre. This is why we don’t assume guilt.

Back at the Freak Show, Dot and Bette are enjoying freedom for the first time in their lives. They decided to embrace this freedom, and just in time. A traveling salesman named Chester comes to the camp, and he catches the twins’ eyes right away. Ah, but he’s not just any regular traveling salesman. He’s a chameleon salesman, who also does a bit of magic and puppetry.

I don’t like puppets. Especially ones that are possessed. 

Dell’s a wreck over Jimmy’s predicament. He and Amazon Eve go to break him out of jail, convinced he won’t survive without his hands. They attack the police car to save him. Which is probably going to cause more harm than good.

Back at the Freak Show, things are heating up between Chester, Dot, and Bette. But things are complicated by his, well, complicated history. What I expected to be a threesome ended up being the weirdest foursome I’ve ever seen.

Ah, but what about our villain, Dandy? He’s still hung up on Bette and Dot. So much so that he sent a private investigator to spy on the twins. Generally, having a psycho obsessed with you isn’t healthy. It’s even less healthy for the person you’re dating. 

Finally, Desiree and Maggie return to the Freak Show. Desiree confronts Dell for his part in the death of Ma Petite. And Maggie brings poor Ma Petite home in a jar. I think it would have been less dramatic for Elsa to just be told how the little woman had died, rather than shown. But then, maybe she needed to have that shock to make the decision she made. And boy did that decision feel right.

We just have two more trips to the Freak Show left, Killer Queens. Stay tuned. 

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