Freak Show Episode 12 might be the first in AHS history to break a losing streak. Normally the second to last episode has all the best deaths, and by the time we get to the finale, it’s rather lackluster.

Not so this season, Killer Queens.

We do start with a good scene, though. The freaks are throwing a going-away party for Elsa. She’s going off to Hollywood. But before she goes, she has a final gift for her monsters.

She reveals Stanley for who he truly is. Then she knife’s him in the knee and lets the freaks have at him.

Have you ever seen the movie Freaks? It’s gonna come up a lot here. 

Chester is now in charge of the show. But he’s a bit unstable. After Bette and Dot refuse to be in his magic act, Maggie offers to be sawed in half. He promptly loses his damn mind. He handcuffs her feet so she can’t pull out, then proceeds to actually saw her in half. This is a gorgeously gruesome scene, complete with guts pouring out of the box when it’s pulled apart.

Stanley and Maggie have been thoroughly punished for their sins. But Elsa played a part as well. 

She’s busy in this episode, though, caring for Jimmy. She calls the doctor who made her legs in to make him a set of hands.

We get another moment of souls aligning through dimensions. The doctor was also the Axeman. They were in love then too.

He can give Jimmy new hands. And Jimmy is the person this season who most deserves a happy ending. But he can’t save Elsa from the vengeance of her monsters. 

Betrayed, Elsa has one more gift for her children. She needs to get away and she needs money to do it. She chooses to do the cruelest thing she could think of.

She sells the Freak Show to Dandy.

So now Dandy is in charge of the freak show. He’s clearly the most freakish among them. But the freaks are on a tear. I’m willing to bet this season ends with Dandy truly becoming one of them.

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