This episode of American Horror Story Freak Show picks up right where the last one left off. Jimmy’s at Dandy’s house, looking for Bette and Dot.

I was kind of expecting there to be blood. Mostly Dandy’s blood. Unless Dandy cheats, I know who will win in that fight. But of course, Dandy probably will cheat. 

But instead, they go to see the girls. And the girls decide to go back to the Freak Show. Which certainly incited a raging fit from Dandy that we, unfortunately, do not get to see.

Instead, we go back to the Freak Show and are treated to Jimmy singing. And he’s pretty good. He and Elsa face off and he’s sure he’s got the upper hand. Until Dot and Bette lie to the whole crowd of freaks, telling them they left for Dandy’s place on their own.

Meanwhile, Dell’s in a bit of a mess. Stanley saw him at a gay bar and is blackmailing him. Dell has to either kill one of his fellow freaks, or Stanley will tell everyone he’s gay.

Pretty sure everyone would be cool with that, but whatever.

Dell tries to take out Amazon Eve, which seems dumb. She proceeds to hand his ass to him.

She and Ethel want Dell’s blood, and I’m on board. Jimmy says he’ll take care of it. 

And boy did he not come through. 

Jimmy and Dell go to a bar and proceed to get piss drunk. Then they have a heartwarming talk. They bond. If Dell wasn’t trying to kill one of his fellow freaks, this would have been heartwarming. And watching them stumble into camp so drunk they can’t see straight was still kind of funny.

On a better note, Paul is doing better. And Penny is ready to leave her family to be with him. She goes home to collect a few things and is confronted by her father.

This isn’t a great episode for fathers.

He attacks her, and has a tattoo artist cover her face with scales and then fork her tongue. And in doing so, ensured that I’m hoping for his painful, bloody death.

That just leaves Dell. He might have bonded with his son, but he still has to deliver a freak to Stanley. Unfortunately, he chooses the most innocent one. So at this point, if he and Penny’s dad could suffer horribly, that would be great.

Guess we’ll have to see what happens next time. I bet I get lucky.

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