We’re getting close to the end of this season of American Horror Story, Killer Queens. But don’t worry, there’s still some blood left to shed. 

We start in the Roanoke farmhouse, with Shelby and Dominic. Shelby’s arm seems to be doing a lot better, magically. Or maybe they forgot she was supposed to be injured. 

Lily Rabe as Shelby Miller on American Horror Story Roanoke Chapter Eight

At any rate, she and Dominic decide it’s past time to leave. They try to head out of the tunnel, only to be attacked by the family of ghouls. Forced back inside and up the stairs, they barricade themselves in the bathroom. At this point, it seems that Shelby has given up.

Lee hasn’t though. She’s still with the Polks. Mama Polk is carefully cutting off bits of her to eat. But one of her incestuous sons, Jether, seems to be falling for Lee. Despite the realization that the Polk family sees themselves as a higher form of people than others. They’ve been eating people since the depression when they murdered and ate homeless people who stole their last pig. Leading them to invent the rather horrific family motto, “If you ain’t Polk, you ain’t people.” I think the better family model would be, “Who needs hair care when you only sleep with your sons?”

Audrey and Mama Polk in American Horror Story Roanoke Chapter Eight.

Audrey and Monet are in danger of having their teeth harvested pre-mortum. Monet manages to free herself but doesn’t have time to get Audrey out before Mama Polk comes in. Lucky for Audrey, Lee has escaped as well. They head back to the farmhouse together. 

There, unfortunately, they find that Shelby has succumbed to her despair and the guilt over killing Matt. She’s cut her own throat. Lee, who’s taken charge and is still reeling over the death of her brother, blames Dominic for the loss of her family. She kicks him out into the hallway alone, where he’s slaughtered by the Pigman.

Poor Dominic. His only sin was wanting his own show

Lee and Audrey make it through the night. And it looks like they might survive this. But Lee says she has to go back to the Polk’s place to retrieve a video and destroy it. She tells Audrey it’s because the video will show our leading lady beating an old woman to death. The truth is that Lee, in a fit of remorse, admitted to killing her ex-husband. And she can’t have something like that getting out.

In going back for the video though, they might lose their only chance to escape from Roanoke. 

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

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