American Horror Story Roanoke

One of the joys of American Horror Story is seeing actors we love take on different characters. Guest stars, like Cuba Gooding Junior, are fun. But the real happiness comes from the regulars.

Evan Peters as Edward Mott in American Horror Story Roanoke Chapter Five

One of my favorite regulars, Evan Peters, makes his appearance in this episode of Roanoke.

Last episode, the Millers were trapped in the house with The Butcher’s clan waiting outside. But instead of returning right to them, we start with some history on the house. 

We meet the first owner of the house, Edward Mott. A filthy rich aristocrat, Mott had the house built to fill with art. He moved there, leaving his wife and son behind in the city of Philadelphia. Lucky for them. 

Mott didn’t last a week after moving in, of course, before The Butcher took him out. Seeing as how he was a spoiled psychopath who locked his servants up in a root cellar, I’m not shedding any tears for him. 

Back in the current time, The Millers are being corralled into the basement for the slaughter. But they’re saved at the last moment by the ghost of Edward Mott. 

Frances Conroy in American Horror Story Roanoke Chapter Five.

Shelby, Matt and Flora escape into the woods, only to be picked up by the Polk family. There they find that Professor Elias has survived. Though he probably wishes he hadn’t. 

The Polks have an agreement with The Butcher, to make sure she gets her yearly sacrifices. The Polks are also cannibals. They’ve been keeping Elias alive to cut parts of him off to eat. 

The Millers managed to escape the Polks, only to be recaptured. Finally, they’re brought back to the house to be sacrificed. 

As I mentioned earlier, I love seeing the American Horror Story actors take on new roles. But sometimes we see glimmers of characters they’ve played in the past. Whether that’s intentional on the writer’s part or not, I don’t know. But it makes me warm and fuzzy every time I see it. 

And just as poor little Flora is about to be sacrificed, she’s saved by someone who was always quite good at being a hero. 

While this episode did have its moments, it’s not the best of the season I’ve never been one to like the back and forth of escaping, to be captured again, only to escape again. It’s just rather monotonous.

At the end of the episode, it seems like everyone’s going to be okay. They’ve escaped the Roanoke house, and it appears that the story is over. 

Seeing as how this is only the fifth episode of the season, I have to assume things are about to get crazy from here on out. 

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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