I have a little game I like to play when I watch American Horror Story. I keep a body count scorecard. And this episode of American Horror Story Roanoke had a lopsided score. One team just blew the other out of the water. 

The teams for this episode were as follows. Living humans, ghosts, and the Polkes. I’ll give you their scores at the end.

scene from American Horror Story Roanoke Chapter Seven.

We start this episode with one of my favorite horror setups. There’s a missing body in the house. Rory, to be specific. We know he’s dead. Some of the characters, like Matt, are pretty sure he’s dead. But no one knows where or when the body is going to turn up. This makes little things like opening doors a little more spicy. 

Rory’s death alerts Sidney and his crew in the production trailer that something far worse than what they were expecting is going down. But, before they can act on this, they’re all brutally slaughtered by Agnes, dressed in her Butcher costume. 

Agnes is having a full-on mental breakdown. Sometimes she’s speaking in Gaelic. Sometimes she has flashes of awareness and comes face to face with the horrors she’s committed. But those realizations appear to just drive her further into madness.

Meanwhile, within the house, Dominic has a shocking (not really) confession. He’s there just to stir up things between Matt and Shelby. But Matt doesn’t care, because he’s fallen in love with someone else.

Shelby’s not having a great time. Not only is her husband having an affair, but she’s also attacked by Agnes. The phone lines are down, and no one’s cell phones are working. Several of the characters call for help in the cameras. They also shout some well-deserved insults at Sidney. Jokes on them, he didn’t hear any of it. So, Lee, Monet, and Audrey go looking for the production trailer. They find it, but they don’t find any help.

The girls try to make it back to the relative safety of the house, but they aren’t fast enough. The Polks find them first.

Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story Roanoke Chapter Seven.

Back at the house, Agnes is planning to set the whole damned thing on fire. Shelby and Dominic are inside, trying to think of a way to stop her. But they needn’t have wasted their time. Because it’s time for the real Butcher to make her appearance. Turns out she doesn’t find Agnes’s portrayal of her all that flattering. 

Finally, as promised, here is the murder score for this episode of American Horror Story Roanoke.

The Polks- 0

Ghosts- 1

Living humans-4

I would say there’s plenty of time for the ghosts or the Polks to even the score. But I don’t think there are enough people left to balance out the numbers. 

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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