Episode two of American Horror Stories was just as much fun as the first. If you’re just joining us, you can check out that review here. But the beauty of an anthology series like this is, that you don’t need to know anything about last week’s episode to appreciate this one.

We start this week with our main character Jaslyn, played by the amazing Gabourey Sidibe. She and her husband Bryce are moving into a new neighborhood, a gated community. And Jaslyn, wanting to go a step further in protecting her home, buys a door camera from a company called Aura.

Joel Swetow as Dayle Hendricks in American Horror Stories.

Jaslyn’s concerned about their safety because of a traumatic home invasion from her childhood. Through the episode, we see several flashbacks of her as a little girl, with some freak in a bunny mask. 

Bryce is grudgingly supportive of Jaslyn’s fears. That is until she starts seeing a strange man on the Aura camera feed.

There was a lot to like about this episode. The story is clever, and the twist is satisfying. I like how Bryce keeps mentioning the plan. Specifically, his plan. Anything that distracts from his plan will have to go. Whether that’s an employee, a raccoon, or something bigger.

One complaint I do have is that what happened to Jasyln as a child doesn’t seem to have much bearing on the rest of the story. I get that the writers wanted us to know that she didn’t just have anxiety for the hell of it. She has real trauma in her past. I get it, but we didn’t need to get it so hard. Frankly, we didn’t need an explanation for her anxiety. This world is nuts. It’s frankly acceptable to say that she’s worried about people messing with her home. We don’t need childhood trauma to explain that.

Derrick Aguis in American Horror Stories

I will also say that the dialog had times when it felt a bit unrealistic. It sounded like writing, instead of people talking. It wasn’t through the whole episode. But when it was a problem, it was a problem.

These are pretty minor complaints, though. Most of the episode was good fun. And I’m thrilled that American Horror Stories is becoming its own show, rather than resting on the success of its sister production. 

And don’t forget, we’ll be watching each episode live on Thursdays at 7:00, EST. You can watch along with us on Hulu.

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)