We’ve reached the second to last episode of American Horror Story NYC. And it has been a hell of a ride. Some people have called this the deadliest season. I don’t know about that. But I do know it’s been the saddest so far.

We start with Sam passing out at Theo’s funeral. He wakes up in a hospital, panicking. He’s surprised to find Billy and Theo looking after him. And no one else. 

None of the beautiful people he surrounded himself with cared enough to be there with him while he was dying. And he was, of course, dying.

Denis O'Hare as Henry in American Horror Story

Sam is walked through his past by first Theo, then Henry. He is forced to consider the people he hurt, terrified, then left when they no longer interested him. Finally, he’s forced to face Big Daddy and his herd of beautiful deer boys. 

Patrick, I’m afraid is in a similar situation. He’s lost his sight due to the Aids virus. They are finally calling it by name, by the way. This whole time I was expecting them to have some made-up illness that was supernatural. Instead, they dropped all pretenses and just told us straight. This is aids. This is what happened to people who had Aids in the eighties. Many, too many, died alone in hospital rooms. Their families abandoned them. Their friends were afraid to be around them. Even hospital staff wouldn’t come close to them without hazmat suits. It was a painful, lonely way to die. And as Theo points out, no one should have to die that way.

Patrick at least has Gino with him. Gino, God bless him, acts exactly how we’d all want someone to act for us. He argues with the doctors who are giving substandard care. He comforts Patrick. He brings him food and cares for him.

Russell Tovey as Patrick in American Horror Story

But even the most devoted partner can’t be at the hospital all the time. And in the night, Patrick finds himself all alone. Alone that is, except for Barbara. 

Barbara walks him through memories of his past. Memories of throwing a fellow gay police officer under the bus to save himself. Memories of his abusive father. Patrick has to face the fact that he’s broken, and that he’s spent his whole life trying to stitch himself back together.

This was an emotionally devastating episode, leading up to what I firmly believe is going to be an explosive finale. See you back here tomorrow for the last episode of American Horror Story, NYC.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)