We’re back, Killer Queens! It’s officially time for American Horror Story season 11, NYC. And the first episode did not disappoint. 

We begin our tale with an airline pilot in New York, 1881. After heading out for a night at a gay leather fetish club, he loses his head. Fortunately, his head is located later, along with his shredded body.

Zachary Quinto as Sam in American Horror Story

The lead detective, Patrick, soon finds several other killings like this. But no one else on the force seems particularly concerned. His chief, played by Kal Penn, even says that people in that community come to New York to get lost. 

One person who gets lost is a young man named Sully. After being tricked into going out by his roommate, Charlie. After Charlie is distracted, Sully is abducted by an absolute unit of a man dressed in leather bondage gear. 

Wracked by guilt, Charlie sets out to find Sully. This brings him in contact with a photographer named Theo, played by Issac Powell. He photographed the Leather Man years ago. But according to Theo’s boyfriend Sam, played by Zachary Quinto, Leather Man is dead.

Of course, that’s bullshit, because we see Leather Man several times during this episode. 

Another person Charlie goes to for help is a journalist named Gino. Gino is, by far, my favorite character this season. He also happens to be Patrick’s boyfriend.

Frustrated by his relationship (Patrick is still closeted) and eager to do some good for his community, Gino starts to investigate the murders himself. In the honorable tradition of gutsy reporters, Gino soon finds himself in trouble. 

Lana Winters would be so proud.

Billie Lourd as Hannah in American Horror Story

The majority of the episode is about these murders. But there are two scenes, just two, about something entirely different. A scientist named Hannah, played by Billie Lourd, finds a strange new virus in the local deer population. Worried that it’s going to spread to humans, she convinces the local politicians to have every deer rounded up and shot. This is how the episode ends, with the sound of shots and screams over Hannah’s sorrowful but determined face. 

I loved everything about this episode. I love the premise of this season, dealing with a very real terror from the eighties. I love the characters, especially Gino. I love the whole thing, and I can’t wait to see how the story twists and turns. 

We’ll be back tomorrow to review episode two of American Horror Story NYC. See you then, Killer Queens. 

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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