We start episode two of American Horror Story NYC with Gino, by far my favorite character so far, in the grip of the unnamed serial killer. The killer, for some reason that will likely become clear as the season progresses, is obsessively vacuuming the floor. But he takes a break to explain to Gino that he’s going to hurt him. He’s going to hurt him very badly because he needs the world to see gay men. 

Joe Mantello as Gino in American Horror Story

Gino is saved when the killer sees a military tattoo on his chest. He thanks Gino for his service, and dumps him on the street. 

Furious, Gino vows to do something about this killer. As though, somehow, he wasn’t doing something already. But he finds a partner when Adam comes to see him. 

Together, the two of them make a tip line for people to call regarding the killer. It’s a great success, but it does cause some trouble. Trouble, not surprising, comes in the form of cops that drag Adam off the streets and throw him in lock up. 

Once Adam’s free, he attends a weird art party. We see the host inject himself with something from a black vial. I’m willing to bet that has something to do with the virus that’s going around.

Speaking of the virus, it seems that Sam might be sick. He goes to Dr. Wells, who gives him some medication and tells him to rest. 

Isaac Powell in American Horror Story

Resting is the last thing on Sam’s mind, though. Mostly, what’s on his mind is the young man he has in a cage in his basement. 

At this point it seems we have two killers. There’s the Leather Man, who appears to work for Sam. Then there’s the killer who abducted Gino. They’re both hunting the gay men of New York.

Then there is also the virus that appears to be spreading through the gay community. We have seen a few people with a rash, and a few others who are just feeling under the weather. Something’s about to break out.

Something is coming. This is repeated over and over. Something dark. 

Gino is an absolute hero in this episode. And he’s based on real people who did really dangerous hard work during the start of the aids epidemic. The New York Native was a real paper. And its medical writer, Lawrence Mass did write about the aids epidemic before anyone else. He was shafted by the CDC, who called his reports unfounded.

I love horror that teaches me something. This week I learned about Lawrence Mass. We should all know his name. He tried to sound the alarm on the real horror story and nobody listened. Thank you, Lawrance Mass, for your service. 

This episode was great. I love the real historical context. And I can’t wait to see what else is waiting in this season of American Horror Story. 

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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