Season two’s second episode is building the story’s foundation and offers more backstory for the characters. However, we’re in the second of eight episodes. No matter how well done the show is filmed and how intense the action is, watching characters run and shoot guns in every chapter becomes rather boring.


“Prelude” answers some questions that formulated from the first episode, “The Cold.” We learn how and why Sun is captured, what caused Anna and Anna to lock themselves away in a cabin, and how Spears ended up isolated in a forest. The acting is impressive; the characters are convincingly scared and the zombies, even if a little ridiculous looking, are terrifying.

The Verdict

Camera shots and actions speak louder than words, as there is seldom dialogue throughout the 40 minutes these episodes take up. While the filming in “The Cold” became excessive and tedious, the long takes in “Prelude” tells a story. You will be following one character, only for the camera to turn the corner and lead us to another. You expect something tragic to happen, then meet a surprised relief that you were wrong. This is a beautifully, thoughtfully filmed show about survival and sacrifice. I hope season two will start to give us more than just a couple hours of watching people run from zombies and shiver in the cold.

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)
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