Poor Dexter. All he wants is some time to himself in the morning to read the paper, drink his coffee and plan the gruesome murders of horrible people. And really, who doesn’t want that?

Unfortunately, his relationship with Lila is getting in the way of that. She and Deb are both now staying with him, causing all sorts of stress. It would probably be easier if they didn’t hate each other. But they do. Deb knows Lila’s a ball of crazy. Game recognizes game.

Not that Deb doesn’t have other worries. At the office, Agent Lundy’s brought in FBI agents to look into the police. He thinks the Bay Harbor Butcher is one of them. Which is rude. I mean, he’s dead right and way too smart to be healthy. But still, rude. 

The detectives could use a bowling night. But, while there, Dexter’s attacked by the man who murdered his mother. He manages to get away, but Dexter knows who he is. And he is done with his recovery at this point. He’s ready to kill.

Which was nice, honestly. I mean, Dexter is a show about a serial killer, not a reformed serial killer. It’s about time we saw some well-deserved bloody justice.

Near the end of the episode, there’s a really fun scene. Doakes is creeping around in Dexter’s apartment, looking for evidence that he’s the Butcher. Juxtaposed with that, Rita and the kids arrive home to find the door unlocked. We see a shadow on the wall, but we don’t see who it is.

We don’t need to see them, to know that it’s Lila.

Dexter knows it’s her, too. When Rita calls to see if he’d stopped by, he tells her to get out of the house and call the cops right away. 

The only problem is that he was in the middle of chopping up a body. Here again, is a really fun moment. Dexter doesn’t panic often. I don’t know that he knows what to do with himself when he does. So he tells the body to not go anywhere and takes off.

In his way, Dexter loves Rita. I don’t think he realizes how much. We can see it, though, and Lila can see it too.

I don’t think she realizes how close she came to seeing the monster behind Dexter’s carefully crafted mask. 

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