Episode 4: I Have a Scheme

Castlevania S3 Episodes 4 & 5 starts with Alucard hosting his two guests. They share a bottle of wine as they, Sumi and Taka, tell Alucard about Cho, a vampire of Northern Japan. She holds the people of her court in slavery and it was only after she becomes one of Dracula’s Generals that they able to free themselves. They fear that with her alive or dead, her court will be reestablished.

Castlevania S3 Episodes 4 & 5
Cho, as seen in Season 2 of Castlevania.

In Styria, two of Carmilla’s sisters, Morgana and Striga, meet in a tower. They discuss Carmilla’s plan and ultimately discover the benefit. They can be four women ruling an empire.

In Lindenfeld, Saint Germain gains access to the Priory. He finds that the ancient books he seeks are in a pile next to the corner the priory uses as a bathroom. A small disclosure of his wisdom places Saint Germain in the good graces of Prior Sala.

Meanwhile, outside, Trevor and Sypha begin their investigation of the priory. When a monk approaches, Sypha attempts to ask some questions. Walking away before any trouble, Sypha discloses that she was able to sense magic and they are doing something terrible in the priory.

Rounding out the episode, Lenore makes another attempt with Hector and makes some headway. Isaac arrives at port in Genoa. He finds a city guard keeping him from entering and his hate overtakes him again.

Episode 5: A Seat of Civilisation and Refinement

Saint Germain, getting his time with the priory library, finds himself unsupervised. He takes a moment to himself and begins to explore, despite the warning of staying put. When Prior Sala catches him, he claims to be looking for the bathroom. Outside, Sypha confronts him about his access to the priory. He admits that he is looking for something that he is sure is inside.

Castlevania S3 Episodes 4 & 5
The Visitor who corrupted the priory.

Trevor persuades Saint Germain to accompany him to the tavern for a beer. He discloses he’s looking for the Infinite Corridor and a portal to it is under the priory.

Castlevania S3 Episodes 4 & 5 in Review…

Castlevania S3 Episodes 4 & 5 spends a good bit of time exploring the back stories of characters. In Hector’s case, we get a look at what he really thought Dracula was going to do with humans. Cho, the Japanese vampire, is dead since the attack on Dracula’s castle last season so we’ll see what that means for some of our new characters.

I hope you’re enjoying this season as much as I am. I’m still seeing everything I loved about the last seasons this time around. I’m holding back on binging the whole thing in one sitting!

Castlevania S3 Episodes 4 & 5 get 5 out of 5 Cthulhus

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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