Episode 6: The Good Dream

Castlevania S3 Episodes 6 & 7 begins with Lenore and Hector taking a walk on the grounds of the castle. Overseeing their conversation is Striga and Carmilla. All four discuss plans for the future and how Hector plays into those plans.

Castlevania S3 Episodes 6 & 7
Hector’s walk comes with a requirement

In Lindenfeld, Saint Germain dreams of the Infinite Corridor. He shouts for the person he is looking for, someone he choice not to tell Sypha and Trevor about.

On his journey to find Hector, Isaac speaks with one of the night creatures. We discover that the demon repossessing the bodies of the dead are humans who have gone to hell. This particular demon is from Athens originally and his death at the hands of Christians was for the crime of being a philosopher. Isaac begins to realize that these beings, if not under his control, might be just as cruel as humans.

Episode 7: Worse Things Than Betrayal

Alucard begins his training early with Sumi and Taka. He shows them the Belmont estate cache near the castle. He explains that if they will find any information about how to kill vampires, it will be here.

In Lindenfeld, Saint Germain discovers a book on demons. He confronts Prior Sala about it and some missing pages but receives no help. When he is able to take another free minute to himself, he discovers what the monks have been hiding in the priory basement.

Isaac comes into a town that has only one resident. Miranda tells him about a local magician that has a special object he’s looking for, a Transmission Mirror. This mirror will allow him to send a large number of night creatures over a great distance quickly. She asks that he convert all that live in the magician’s town into night creatures.

Castlevania S3 Episodes 6 & 7
Isaac’s new friend.

Castlevania S3 Episodes 6 & 7 in Review…

So for the sake of the segment name, toilet paper comes up a few times in Episode 7. I just felt it was too perfect with everything that’s going on right now to pass up.

These two episodes are some of the best. The mystery surrounding the priory is palpable and the reveal is worth the wait. Isaac’s conversation with the night creature that can talk is eerie and creepy in the best of ways.

The graphics are hitting a new level of amazing. During Saint Germain’s dream where he sees the Infinite Corridor, the visuals are very well done. This coupled with the visuals from the Visitor show that the attention to detail is starting to ramp up.

Castlevania S3 Episodes 6 & 7 get 5 out of 5 Cthulhus

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)