Episode 2: The Reparation of My Heart

Castlevania S3 Episodes 2 & 3 begins with Isaac walking into a town with his army of night creatures. Since his exile by Dracula, Isaac is seeking to locate Hector. He finds that he is still not welcome among other humans, though the army of hell’s demon can’t be helping. Despite this, Isaac finds two men that are willing to help him. One gifts his a magic mirror and the second agrees to sail him and his army further along on their mission.

Carmilla, surly after her bath, delivers her plan to her sisters. With the state of Dracula’s former Kingdom in chaos, she suggests a way to claim the area. They will use it as a pen for humans and feed on them for centuries. Carmilla’s plan has one critical component; Hector must be willing to create night creatures for them. Despite his torture, Lenore feels she can convince him to help them.

Castlevania S3 Episodes 2 & 3
Carmilla discusses her plan with her sisters. From Left to Right: Morana, Lenore, Carmilla, Striga.

Trevor, during a stroll for breakfast, encounters a man by the name of Count Saint Germain (Voice by Bill Nighy). Saint Germain attempts to get the reason for the Belmont’s visit to the remote village. When Trevor refuses to answer and walks off, Saint Germain encounters the local Prior. He asks about entry into the Priory.

When two fighters confront Alucard about stopping vampires, he is reluctant to help. Eventually, he finds the benefit of teaching them to fight.

Episode 3: Investigators

The local judge of Lindenfeld, where Trevor and Sypha are making a stop, interrupts a heartfelt moment between the two. He asks their help with getting into the Priory. He believes that a night creature corrupted the members inside and worries about those it’s attracting.

Isaac shares a drink with the captain of the ship carrying him across the sea to Europe. He tells the story of Dracula saving his life and everything that’s happened since. The captain attempts to convince Isaac that while he agrees that humans are evil and worthless, Isaac, with all his power, can teach them to be kind.

Castlevania S3 Episodes 2 & 3
Isaac uses his Forgemaster dagger to make a point to the captain

Lenore visits Hector in his cell and offers some food. When Hector makes the mistake of attacking her, he finds that she is more than a match for him. She beats him savagely and reminds him that compassion isn’t a sign of weakness, leaving him to his wounds.

Castlevania S3 Episodes 2 & 3 In Review…

Be aware! There is a fair bit of male nudity in episode 3. Hector has been stripped naked since the first episode. With the beating he takes, his bits, as well as his body, are thrown around, a lot.

These episodes are a little slower but they build up a lot of back story.

Castlevania S3 Episodes 2 & 3 get 4 out of 5 Cthulhus

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)