As part of a larger “Halfway to Halloween” theme, Shudder announced the return of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs. Bloody Disgusting broke the news of the month-long celebration that will feature a new series and a batch of films.

Of course, we’re here for Joe Bob.

Joe Bob Briggs posted a quick primer about the series alongside the return announcement.

The new season of The Last Drive-In will premier on Shudder’s streaming service on Fridays at 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific) starting April 24th. The 10 part season will conclude on June 26th.

Much like the first season, covered extensively here on Haunted MTL, season two will consist of a weekly double feature of movies. These movies are introduced by the venerable movie host and will feature commercial breaks where Joe Bob reveals details about the films. There are also likely to be more guests and musical numbers on the way as well.

Unfortunately, given the nature of streaming rights, not all films will be available across Canada and the UK. Shudder has suggested a number of the episodes will be available on-demand for Shudder UK.

Season Two Wishlist

We’ve previously covered things we wanted for season two of the show. We’re happy to find out that a couple of them are on the way.

For example, though the rights to some of the films have expired, Shudder is working on providing the Joe Bob bits.

As far as more guests go, based on the past couple of marathon events, that is a given. Regarding Troma movies, more Japanese films, and some more obscure wishes on our end, we have yet to get any indication.

Naturally, we will continue our Notes from the Last Drive-In recap and review series. We hope you’ll join us for more drive-in fun beginning April 24th.

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