Ryan Murphy did a mini-series about Jeffery Dahmer on Netflix? Alright, I’m in. Wait, it stars Niecy Nash and Evan Peters? Well, now it’s the greatest thing in my life. 

Episode one begins in 1991 with Jeff Dahmer heading out for the night. He’s held up by his neighbor Glenda, (played by Nash) who’s complaining about a smell coming from his apartment. Jeff tells her that he accidentally let some meat go bad. Which is technically not a lie.

Still from Dahmer, episode 1

Jeff then goes to a gay bar and picks up a man named Tracey. He brings Tracey back to his place and proceeds to drug him, then threaten him with a machete when Tracey tries to leave.

Tracey does eventually manage to overpower Jeff and escape. He’s running down the street, half dressed with a set of handcuffs dangling from his wrists, screaming for help. The police do notice him, but they’re not exactly kind. They drag Tracey right back to Dahmer’s apartment.

Of course, they did. It was a black gay man. If I, a white woman, had been running down the street screaming for help, they’d have wrapped me up in a blanket and given me a cup of coffee. Tracey had weapons pulled on him and was then forced to return to the home of his attacker.

Shaun J. Brown in Dahmer

When the officers arrived, they found a horrific scene. What was eventually pulled out of that apartment was so gruesome that it would turn the hardest of stomachs. There were human bones in a box in the closet. Hearts and genitals were shoved in the freezer. And of course, a barrel of acid in which Jeff was slowly melting one of his victims.

The episode ends with the police interviewing Jeff’s father, Lionel Dahmer. This honestly might be the most disturbing scene in the whole episode, as Lionel tries to explain to the police that his son had never been right after a hernia operation. 

This episode was so true to life that it was terrifying. Almost every detail was correct. Which of course makes it all the more terrifying. 

As always, Evan Peters is lost in the role. He looks so much like Dahmer that I had to do a double take. And his delivery is just perfect. 

I couldn’t have asked for more from this first episode. I’m honestly a little scared to watch the next one. 

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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