This episode of Dexter, New Blood is the one I’ve been waiting for. I didn’t know that going in but do I ever know it now.

The episode is split into three stories. We’ll start with Dexter. He woke to find himself in the backseat of some redneck who clocked him at the end of the last episode. His first thoughts, of course, are for Harrison. 

In a move that will remind anyone of the first episode, Dex uses the cords holding his hands together to grab the face of the redneck. He leaves deep red cuts on the man’s face, causing him to drive off the road. This leads to a chase through the woods. Dexter’s leg is shot, so he’s at a distinct disadvantage. That is until he finds an old summer camp. Certainly seems like the sort of place he’d feel right at home.

Dexter being abducted is half of Kurt’s master plan for vengeance. For part two, he’s lured Harrison to play hooky with him. They sneak into the school to hit some balls. Then they go to the cabin for some whisky and venison.

And when Harrison is drunk, and Dex is on his way, Kurt sends the boy out into the snow. And tells him to run. 

I cannot stress enough how much I want this man to die. After this episode, I hope that Harrison takes the lessons he taught him about baseball and breaks a bat over his head. 

It seems like Dexter is finally ready to be honest with Harrison. They can finally have the connection both of them are half scared of, half craving. But there’s a better than good chance it’s going to be short-lived. 

While the boys are all playing in the snow, Angela’s hard at work. She’s putting pieces together faster than I’ve ever seen. She’s talking to the drug dealer Dex beat up. She’s checking out the details around the death of his dealer. And she’s noticing details that are leading her right where she shouldn’t be going. 

The next time she sees Dex, I’m afraid she might call him by yet a third name. The Bay Harbor Butcher. 

There are just two episodes left of Dexter, New Blood. Are you ready for the conclusion? 

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