Episode six of Dexter was one of the slower ones, but also an important one for character development. Not only for Dexter himself but for Deb and Lt. LaGuerta.

It was also a good episode for anyone like me who’s trying to learn Spanish. 

Dexter is called to a crime scene that looks eerily familiar. That’s because it’s his. Someone, probably his friend The Ice Truck Killer, pulled the body of Valarie Castille out of the ocean and posed her right where Dexter killed her.

Worse still, a small boy was found in the trunk of a car at the Castille junkyard. He saw the man who abducted Valarie. You know, Dexter.

Proving that bad weeks can always get worse, Rita gets a call from her abusive ex-husband, Paul. He’s out of jail, and he wants to come to his daughter’s birthday party. His daughter, Astor, doesn’t want him there. For pretty clear damned reasons.

While Dexter’s having an end-of-the-road crisis, LaGuerta’s finding herself falling in love with the little boy found in the trunk. He reminded her of herself, alone and afraid in a strange place. For a moment, she seemed to be considering adopting him.

Finally, we get some background on Deb in one of Dexter’s constant flashbacks. Their father had been forever taking Dexter on solo hunting trips. Deb, feeling left out, didn’t understand why she couldn’t come along. She must have thought it was because she was a girl. Of course, it was because Dexter and his father had a secret to hide. But there’s some sibling rivalry there that we haven’t seen before. 

Deb was ignored by their father. She was left alone and overlooked. And Dexter was such a good child. Of course, she acted out. Of course, she has some resentment towards him. It’s not something that comes up often, she hides it well. But who wouldn’t be angry?

There’s not a lot of blood in this episode. And sadly Dexter doesn’t kill anyone. But it’s one of those episodes you need to understand the characters better. Because here’s the really scary thing about Dexter. He’s a killer, but he’s also a man with a family that in his way he cares about. So why is that so scary? Because if Dexter could kill, then anyone could. Like your work friend, your kid’s teacher. Or maybe that nice guy you just started seeing, the one your mom likes.

Think about it. And we’ll see you again for episode seven. 

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