The eighth episode of Dexter left me with some questions. Are certain situations coincidence or intentional? Does Dexter’s phone not have a silent mode? Why do people claim to be serial killers? Would Dexter have been a murderer if he’d been in therapy as a child? And is it better to show a woman’s boobs if it’s made clear that she’s a high-powered professional?

Let’s dive in. 

The episode starts with a dead woman in a bathtub. She’s committed suicide, or so the police think. But this doesn’t make sense to Dexter. After an offhand comment and some digging, he finds that several other women have killed themselves in the same way. And they all seem to share a therapist. 

So, Dexter finds himself in therapy.

This brings me to an issue I have with Harry, Dexter’s father. I suppose he thought he was doing the best he could for Dexter, teaching him to control his killing. But what he really should have done was get the boy in therapy. If he had, maybe Dexter wouldn’t have been a serial killer. This wouldn’t be as interesting of a show, but at least Dexter wouldn’t be, you know, killing people. 

It was a lot of fun watching Dexter stalk this therapist. But the real scary part of the episode came from Paul, Rita’s ex.

Consider this your trigger warning.

Anyone who’s been through an abusive situation is cringing through this whole episode. Anyone who’s been through a bad divorce, ditto. 

Paul’s being so smooth, so slimy. He’s ever so carefully pushing back against boundaries set for Rita and the kid’s safety. He shows up for supervised visits without the counselor. He sweet talks Rita into more time. Pushes for more and more and more. 

Rita’s in a frog in a pot situation. And she’s not going to realize she needs to jump out until the water’s already boiling. 

It’s honestly hard to watch. I cannot wait for Paul to get what’s coming to him. That’s the nice thing about having a resident serial killer. Everyone, eventually gets what’s coming to them. 

By the way, make sure you watch until the very end of this episode for a killer surprise. 

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