I was of two minds about this episode, Killer Queens. Possibly because it seemed to be of two minds about itself. 

We started in 1954. A woman named Maria is preparing dinner for her family when her husband is murdered by aliens and her son kidnapped. Maria herself becomes a path for the aliens to speak with us.

Dwight Eisenhower himself gets involved. First, when Amelia Earhart is found, bare naked with marks all over her. She’s been missing for decades and has just reappeared in the middle of the desert with nothing but dark memories and a pregnancy that’s two months along.

Just as Eisenhour is getting to the bottom of this, he’s surprised by Maria. She proceeds to cause havoc on the base, exploding soldiers’ heads left and right.

This part of the episode was fun. I wasn’t thrilled by the black and white, but it was entertaining. 

Unfortunately, we don’t stay in 1954. We instead switch to the present time, with a group of rich college kids who are heading out into the desert for a camping trip.

I don’t like these kids right off the bat. And I especially don’t love Kendall, who’s in a super unhealthy relationship with her college professor. 

If one good thing comes of this season, I hope it’s that he dies.

While camping, the co-eds come across what looks like Skinwalker Ranch West. Dead cows litter the ground, cut in half with medical precision. 

To their credit, the co-eds know to take off. But on their way home, their car is hit by a light from above. When they wake up, they’re all in different seats in their car.

Okay, that was pretty good.

Back home, all four of the kids are feeling sick. Both girls take a pregnancy test and find they’re pregnant. And when the boys take the test, they are too.

I didn’t think chest bursters would show up on a pregnancy test. 

I worry that this season is too fractured. Part one is standalone, but it may have connections to part two. But part two is split between the present and the past. It just feels like a little too much to juggle. We’re not spending enough time with any group of characters to care about them. And if I don’t care about the characters, I don’t care what happens to them.

Guess we’ll have to see if they can correct this in the episodes to come. 

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