Dexter’s had a lot of relationships over the last seven seasons. More than one would expect for a serial killer.

There was Lila, the crazy stalker girlfriend. Then there was Rita, the wonderful mother, and wife. Then Lumen, the one who got away.

Now, we have Hannah. And Hannah has one trait none of the other women in Dexter’s life have had.

She’s using him. 

There, I said it. Hannah is using Dexter to keep herself safe. And nobody deserves that. 

Dexter doesn’t see it that way. He thinks he and Hannah have chemistry. He thinks he’s falling in love.

But as usual, trouble is sniffing around. This time trouble comes in the form of Sal Price, a crime writer. He thinks Hannah is a murderer. And he’s got all sorts of useful friends to help him investigate. He even finds some information that the police didn’t have. Of course, they didn’t have it because Dexter messed up the reports on purpose. 

Sal and Deb are becoming fast friends. They go out for drinks, discuss the Hannah case. Which Deb probably shouldn’t be doing, but we’ll ignore that. 

Hannah and Dexter are fully aware that Sal will be a problem. They’re split on how to deal with it, though. Dexter would like to steal Sal’s work and threaten him. Hannah would like to poison him.

Every couple has these little squabbles. 

After Sal drops dead in Dexter’s living room, Deb pulls Hannah in for questioning. And Hannah is a smooth customer. She lies smoothly, tears up at just the right times. And Deb can’t get anything on her.

Deb, if you’ll recall, had gone out with Sal a couple of times. It wasn’t serious, but she liked him. And she has lost so many people she loved. So this was the final straw.

In the middle of the night, Deb calls Dexter. It’s in the middle of the night, and she’s hurting. She can’t stand the fact that Hannah got away with murder. 

Finally, she’s reached the point of asking Dexter to do what he does. 

The problem is, she’s asking him to kill a woman who’s currently fast asleep in his arms. 

So, that’s going to be exciting. 

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