This episode of Double Feature is what I’d call a slow burn episode. Not a ton of exciting things happened. It was more like a bunch of little cracks started to show in a house’s foundation. We can see how it’s all going to come crashing down. 

We start with Harry and Alma. They’re left home alone after Doris has to be hospitalized. Which gives them time to discuss the brand new thing they have in common. Namely, their addiction to the pills. 

In this episode, we start to get an idea of how dark Alma is. She tells her father that she doesn’t mind drinking blood if it means she’s the best violinist of all time.

Later, Alma asks Chief Burleson what she would do to achieve her dreams. She tells the chief that she bets she’d have killed a lot of people. 

Alma doesn’t care if she loses her mother. She honestly doesn’t want her around.

The kid is worrying me. But she’s worrying a lot of people. Not the least of which is Belle. 

Belle isn’t thrilled that Alma is taking the pills. This is a threat to her and her muse supply. She makes it clear that if Harry doesn’t stop giving Alma the pills, Belle will kill her.

While Harry’s struggling with Alma, Ursula his agent shows up. 

Ursula is way too sharp to be healthy here. It takes her no time at all to figure out that something is going on in this town that’s turning all the writers into superstars. Her biggest hint comes when Mickey the coke addict gives her a stack of scripts that are pure gold.

Honestly, the most unrealistic thing in this episode is that she took those scripts. Try that with any agent I know, they’ll laugh at you. Or get incredibly uncomfortable. 

Ursula is wild to get her hands on the pills so she can feed them to her clients. So she strong arms Micky to take her to the Chemist, the woman who makes these pills. She figures that if she offers the Chemist an obscene amount of money, she’ll go for it. 

But that’s not how the Chemist works. She likes things as they are, nice and quiet. And she’s going to do what she has to do to make sure it stays that way. 

She really doesn’t like people she doesn’t know. 

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