The fifth episode of Hulu’s Monsterland is probably the best so far. The story was sad, sweet, beautiful and eerie.

Shawn and Kate are celebrating their fifteenth wedding anniversary. It’s a great night, with drinking and partying. Until Kate has a depressive episode.

Through flashbacks, we find that Kate is a severe manic depressive. She’s on a lot of medication for it, but that only helps so much. She’s tried to kill herself several times. 

Despite all this, she and Shawn have made things work for fifteen years. At least, mostly work. While Shawn was ready to tough it out while they were dating, she finds that living with someone with manic depression is a whole different ballgame. 

Kate does things like pouring soil all over the living room and planting plants there. They have to lock away anything sharp so that Kate can’t hurt herself. And their twelve-year-old daughter has been sent away to a boarding school because she found Kate after an attempted suicide.

There’s the manic side of things, too. She bought tickets to Italy without talking to Shawn about it first. She gets angry at the drop of a hat. Shawn’s getting to her breaking point. 

Then she finds Kate in the tub, blood running from her wrists. Not too long after Kate’s up and about again, asking what happened and why she’s wet.

Honestly, up until Kate returned from the dead, this could have been a romantic drama. 

Did you ever watch Santa Clarita Diet? This is kind of like that, but not funny at all. More bone achingly sad. Kate knows she’s dead. She’s a body looking for a grave. But Shawn, unwilling to let her wife leave her, won’t let her rest.

This episode had a moral, as all of them do. You can’t always save someone else. You can love them as much as it’s possible to love someone. You can take all the precautions, do everything right. And sometimes it’s not going to be enough. 

There’s also a lesson here about taking care of yourself when you have a loved one who has an emotional disorder. Is this all sort of heavy shit to lay on a zombie story? Maybe. But I think the story is up to carrying the weight.

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