House of the Dragon – Episode 3 picks up two years after the previous episode. It appears times jumps are going to be an integral part of the show, as the series is set to depict a violent civil war in the Targaryen saga known as the “Dance of the Dragons”. So, does this episode delight as much as the previous two?

House of the Dragon – Episode 2: Second of his Name


Paddy Considine’s King Viserys has had in with sycophants and people whispering in his ear. He pleases one person only to disappoint another. He can’t win, and his decisions are so frequently at odds with what he wants, he gives the impression that he no longer knows who he is.

Considine’s performance is fantastic. He portrays a well-meaning character who makes atrocious decisions perfectly. The character provokes sympathy and ire in all the best ways. How could you forgive for what happened in episode 1?

Princess Rhaenyra stading in front of Kind Viserys and the Iron Throne

Rhaenyra & Alicent

Alicent has given birth, and she has never been more estranged from Rhaenyra, who sees her role as heir threatened by the new arrival. Despite the estrangement, both continue to butt heads with the men around them, and they occasionally influence them to take significant steps. Rhaenyra easily resists the charms of a young Lannister, while Alicent pushes Viserys to make a decision truly of his own making.


House of the Dragon – Episode 3 contains the series’ first battle scene. While it might not live up to some of the epic battle scenes in A Game of Thrones, it’s important to remember this is the first series. There are certainly bigger battles to come. Needless to say, Daemon Targaryen is gripping and the audience might genuinely worry for his safety in this episode. A new dragon appears, which will certainly please viewers.

House of the Dragon continues to shine as the plot and characters pick up the pace.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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