Bow down, bow down, before the power of Santa! Or be crushed, be crushed by his jolly boots of doom!

If you’ve seen the Invader Zim Christmas special, that song is now stuck in your head for the rest of your life. You’re welcome.

Created by Jhonen Vasquez, the same writer who created Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Invader Zim is probably the darkest Nicktoon ever created. It was a show custom made for twisted 90’s kids who became twisted adults like me. Of course, The Most Horrible Xmas Ever was an instant classic.

Zim, on his mission to take over and eventually destroy the world, discovers that humans worship the giant red, bearded man called Santa. So he devises a plan to become Santa and use that love to overthrow mankind.

It should be noted that mankind on this show is just begging to be overthrown. Most of the people are dim, thick-headed morons who happily walk into traffic or poison themselves. They don’t care about each other, their children, or themselves. This whole world is dark and dreary. So I’m rooting for Zim to succeed.

Armed with candy canes and accompanied by the adorable idiot Gir, Zim almost wins the love of the world. But Dib manages to talk his father and sister into helping him for a change.

By that time it’s Zim who needs rescuing, as so often was the case. His Santa suit has become sentient and has turned into a giant Santa Spider complete with candy cane legs and a thirst for human blood. Santa Spider eventually flies off into space, where he gathers his strength to attack the Earth every year on Christmas.

This was the last episode to air on Nickelodeon before the show was canceled. I’m pretty sure it was the killer Santa Spider that made the executives decide they’d had enough. I think that’s a shame, this was a fantastic show.

Most shows have a Christmas special. Not all of them have one that fits in so well with the feel of the show. Invader Zim exists in a world that is mean spirited, dirty, and dangerous. Teachers resemble snakes, school nurses will actively try to kill you, and people in costumes are horrifying. Every bit of this is on display on The Most Horrible Xmas Ever. If you’ve never seen it, take some time to watch it this year. It’ll leave you with a song stuck in your head, probably causing a candy cane colored tumor.