Exploring Memories…

Locke & Key Episode 3 begins with Tyler and Kinsey finding an unresponsive Bode with a key in the back of his neck. When a second Bode emerges from a chest, the pair are introduced to the next key. They discover that this key allows physical access to the memories and emotions of whoever uses it.

The keys begin to officially get their names as the three Locke children decide who will be responsible for their care. The Locke’s dub the key that trapped their mother in the mirror, aptly, the Mirror Key and the new key key, the Head Key.

The third key, the Anywhere Key, is still in Echo’s possession. She discovers the home of Mark Cho, the man who died at the beginning of Episode 1. When she finds nothing of use in the house, she turns her attention to a boy who is wearing a key around his neck. It’s the same key that Mark uses to destroy his home. Echo tricks the boy into moving close to a door in exchange for seeing what it can do. She uses the Anywhere key to open a door to a subway, snatches the key from the boy, and pushes him to the tracks.

Kinsey decides to use the Mind Key for herself and finds that all minds are different. While Bode’s was an arcade, Kinsey’s appears as a mall. During a run through her fondest memories, Tyler and Kinsey find themselves involuntarily running through Kinsey’s dark memories. A dark version of Kinsey attacks Tyler during a memory of the attack on their father. Kinsey attacks her clone, saving her brother with the fire poker, an action she wishes she took against Sam that day.

Locke & Key
Kinsey’s memory held in a mall candy shop!

When the two are safe in the real world, Kinsey explains the other Kinsey was her fear. Like Bode’s Glee, emotions take on life in the Head world and Tyler discovers emotions can harm them, too.

Another Key…

Bode continues his search of the house for new keys and discovers a key with a skull on it. Using it on a special door, he leaves his body as a ghost and is able to fly. Bode tests his new powers by flying around the property. During his trip he runs into the ghost of his great great grandfather who is buried on the property. His grandfather explains that his father and uncle would use that key all the time to fly around.

Locke & Key
Bode’s Newest Key

When a boy from school asks Kinsey to a concert, she is reluctant to go. She believes that she will just screw it up or that the boy won’t thing she’s as cool as he thought. She loses her nerve at the last minute and the angry and frustration she feels leads her to the forest. There she uses the Head Key. She emerges dragging a thrashing bag and stabs it several times. A quick glimpse shows that she killed her fear.

Echo stands off in the distance as Kinsey kills her fear. She turns and walks off smiling.

Locke & Key Episode 3 In Review…

Now that the keys are starting to play a major role, things are getting better. The Well Key made an appearance in this episode but other than opening the door to the well house, no power was observed. As the family begins to use the keys more and more, things should only start getting more interesting.

Locke & Key Episode 3 gets 4 out of 5 Cthulhus

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)