The Morning After…

Locke & Key Episode 2 starts after the events of the night before. The three Locke children worry about their mother who fails to remember being in the mirror. Tyler and Kinsey hold to the idea that right now the last thing they need is anymore unwanted attention and keep quiet about the strange happenings in the house. Bode, however, takes it upon himself to recapture Echo and sets about exploring the house for ways to lay traps.

Nina interacts with several individuals from Rendall’s past over the course of the day. She learns that her husband has been keeping the story of his friends a secret as well as their fates. An old friend of Rendall’s tells her a story about an accident of three of their friends who drowned at a nearby cave. When she confronts Uncle Duncan about the accident, he tries to avoid the questions.

Bode’s mission takes him to a local locksmith (played by none other than Tom Savini).When the locksmith turns to see if he has anything matching the key Bode found earlier, a keyhole appears on the back of the locksmith’s neck. Back at home, after finding the keyhole on his own neck, Bode losses his nerve when attempting to use the key.

Bode’s New Key

After a day of exploring the world, Echo returns to Keyhouse to visit with Bode. When she finds a trap that Bode set for her, she grows frustrated and tells Bode that he is going to find the other keys for her. She leaves and Bode finally works up the nerve to try the new key.

Locke & Key Episode 2 In Review…

With the second episode, much more of the events that lead to Rendall Locke’s death are starting to unfold. While it’s clear that each of the four remaining Lockes are dealing with the event in their own way, we’re only slowly getting to them. This episode seemed to be more of Kinsey’s episode with the flashbacks about her bracelet, a gift from her father, and the attack on her father.

The fake blood triggers one of Kinsey’s flashbacks.

It is the other characters in the show that are starting to get interesting. Echo, as we still know her, is starting to show traits that she might not be all human as she drains the life out of a man. Even the other residents of Matheson are becoming interesting. Rufus, the groundskeeper for Keyhouse, befriends Bode during his expedition and I wonder what bigger role he will play.

Episode 2 gets 3.5 out of 5 Cthulhus.

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)