A New Day For Kinsey…

Locke & Key Episode 4 begins the morning after Kinsey kills her fear. She feels invigorated and even asks the boy she stood up the night before, Scot, to come to Keyhouse. Her new lack of fear is not without some cost as she makes a hurtful dig at her mother’s organizational skills.

Locke & Key
Kinsey showing off the power of the Head Key to Scot

Nina continues her investigation of Rendall’s past. With the help of Rendall’s friend, Ellie, she discovers a sealed room in the basement. Nina has another flashback to Rendall congratulating her on her first year of sobriety. Nina’s love of decorating and restoring homes and furniture is a hobby she picked up after becoming sober. The only thing the two find worth taking from the sealed room is a dresser that is locked with no key.

Tyler, trying to impress a girl, tests a theory with the Head Key. He places a book about Matheson in his head space which looks like his house in Seattle. Bode asks him a question about Matheson and Tyler finds that he can answer any question from the book.

Echo makes an appearance to visit an old friend of Rendall’s in Matheson’s mental hospital. Erin Voss is the only other member of Rendall’s friends still alive, besides Ellie. Finding Erin unable to speak, Echo jokingly says that she needs to find a way into her head.

Echo returns to Keyhouse to retrieve the Head Key. When Bode refuses to give it to her, he discovers that she can’t take the key but must be given it. Echo leaves in frustrations telling Bode, “I can be clever, too.”

Locke & Key
Tyler looks on as Echo traps Bode in a ring of fire.

Echo appears at the prison where Sam is being held. She offers him another chance to prove himself to her and slides the Fire Key through the door to him.

Locke & Key Episode 4 In Review…

The keys are really starting to play the major role in these episodes now. We see some more powers of the fire key as Echo uses it to cause havoc in the Locke house. The Head Key is getting its mileage now that the Locke children are exploring it’s usage. With Sam becoming a player again, things should start ramping up quickly.

Locke & Key Episode 4 gets 4 out of 5 Cthulhus.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)