Sometime Later…

Locke & Key Episode 5 begins roughly 2 weeks since Bode discovered that Echo can’t take the keys from him. The Locke children wake up to whispers from another key and begin exploring the house. The three discover a new key in the piano and Bode knows exactly where it goes. The new key unlocks a music box that allows the one who opens it to control whoever they want.

Despite Tyler’s efforts to put some limits on the use of the keys, Kinsey makes her own decisions. She uses the new music box to torment a school bully who picked on Scot. When another classmate, Gabe, joins in on the fun, Scot is not impressed with the cruelty Kinsey demonstrates.

Uncle Duncan comes to visit and he has a heart to heart with Bode who’s sent home from school after bringing a hammer. He says it’s for protection but won’t tell the adults about Echo. Bode asks Duncan if he remembers the keys and their powers. Duncan continues to deny knowing anything.

That evening, Tyler and Kinsey hear the whispers of another key. They track it down to the cemetery and find it within a tombstone vase. Instantly, the two find a keyhole in an adjacent tree. When they use the key, several memories, similar to the ones in the characters head spaces, appear out of the ground.

Tyler and Kinsey hear the whispers of another key.

Dark Deeds Ahead…

Tyler and Kinsey observe the memories and see images of their dad. These memories are Uncle Duncan’s and show him spying his brother and using the various key’s powers. Tyler finds a memory where his father is killing several of his friends, recognized from and old picture. The friends Tyler and Kinsey see being killed are the ones who supposedly drowned years ago.

Locke & Key
Uncle Duncan’s memories hidden in the cemetery.

Nina, after discovering a scar on Ellie’s chest, remembers a scar on Rendall’s chest. The two scars are the same but Ellie’s explanation of how she got it is different from Rendall’s. Nina asks Joe, a teacher who knew Rendall when he was young, if he knows anything. Joe is either unable to help or unwilling and he offers no immediate answers.

When Nina gets a urgent call from Joe, she races over to his house in hopes that he has some answers for her. She finds Joe murdered at his computer desk and calls the police. When Nina hears footsteps, she walks outside and the viewer sees Ellie hiding under the front porch.

Locke & Key Episode 5 in Review…

This is easily my least favorite episode so far. The keys are getting a bit out of hand. There is no effort in finding where they go anymore. I guess the whispers are also telling them where the key hole is too.

The acting is getting a bit rough, too. Both Tyler and Kinsey are overly dramatic about everything. Maybe Kinsey has an excuse for this with her lack of fear but Tyler flip flopping emotionally is tiring. Nina is the opposite side of that coin. She lacks emotion. Look at her face when she gets the call about Bode bringing a hammer to school. If I got that call, I would be terrified.

We’re half way done and I’m hoping things get better.

Locke & Key Episode 5 gets a 2 out of 5.

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)