Midnight Mass: Book VI: Acts of the Apostles draws nearer to the conclusion of Mike Flanagan and Netflix’s new original series. As we build to the end, Crockett Island grows more dangerous every night.

Erin gathers who she can to escape before it’s too late. Bev plans an Easter Vigil surprise. Father Paul confesses to his congregation. And monologues. Lots of monologues.

The Row Home


Erin rows back to Crockett Island—as Riley predicted—to head straight to Dr. Gunning. Erin, realizing how crazy this sounds, expects Dr. Gunning to think her crazy as well. However, Dr. Gunning reveals what she knows and shares her hypothesis.

We may have our hero team: Erin Greene, Dr. Gunning, and Mildred Gunning.

Kristin Lehman as Annie Flynn / Henry Thomas as Ed Flynn

Ed Flynn uncovers Riley’s letters and collects all but Warren’s, taking them to Father Paul. Bev seems to understand this betrayal, thanking him as the two men discuss the letters alone. Ed Flynn fears for his son, and Father Paul is quick to confirm his suspicions—in front of a painting of Pope Francis, mind you.

Erin tries to save the Flynn’s by convincing Annie Flynn of the danger, but this goes over poorly. Dr. Gunning tries to convince Sheriff Hassan to spy on the congregation, being awkwardly vague and ineffective. Sheriff Hassan begins to explain how he came to Crockett Island and the Muslim exploitation of the police force after 9/11. He rejects the idea of monitoring the Church without probable cause.

Bev makes contingency plans, closing off the island in preparation for the Easter Vigil.

Ali convinces Sheriff Hassan to join the congregation for the festival. Our trio of heroes also attends, ensuring all central cast members are in attendance.

The Squad

And then we get our midnight mass, where Father Paul reveals all. Next, the angel reveals itself to mass hysteria. Finally, we get communion and a feast.

Bev takes control and opens the church doors, letting loose the congregation against all the nonbelievers of Crockett Island.

Zeth M. Martinez

Final Thoughts

Midnight Mass: Book VI: Acts of the Apostles has some problems, especially compared to the last episode. It ends strong and has many positives, I won’t lie, but characters talk at each other as if not registering the other speaker.
Some of the lines are a bit playful, not matching the characters established. Dr. Gunning is the prime example of this, never having a rambling monologue until this episode. It does feel like the cast is catching Mike Flanagan fever.

I had mentioned a plot contrivance in Book IV, but this surpasses that minor inconvenience. Dialogue shits seem to be a recurring end-plot strategy in Mike Flanagan’s work. Perhaps loyal fans expect this pattern, but the character shift is jarring.
3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)
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