Dexter’s one character I never want to get a dog. Because his life’s like that Johnny Cash song. Everyone he loves goes away in the end.

So it goes in Dexter S8 E8.

Enraged at the thought that Zach killed another innocent woman, Dexter sets out to find him. He’s joined by Hannah, who seems stuck to him again. 

What is it about her that makes Dex go stupid?

At any rate, the two of them follow Zach to the Keys. There they find a kill room, set up by Zach that looks exactly like one Dexter would make. Zach has even gotten himself a set of knives just like Dexter’s.

And, he got himself a victim like Dexter’s too. Which is to say, someone who deserves to be on a table. 

The three of them drive home after dealing with the body. Dexter takes Zach to Dr. Vogel. She invites all three of them in for dinner.

This is such a sweet domestic moment. Grandmother, father, mother, and son all sitting down for a meal.

Of course, this is too sweet to last.

While Dexter is settling in with his new family, his old family is struggling. Deb is trying to figure her life out. She wants to go back to being a cop, but she’s having trouble working up the courage. She also wanted to turn in Hannah but chickened out at the last moment.

Not before giving all Hannah’s info to her boss, though. I’m sure that’s going to come back to bite everyone.

As always, Dexter’s getting stupid over Hannah. She’s supposed to be leaving town, but he just can’t seem to let her go. Seeing as how Jamie and Harrison are staying at Angel’s place, I think his priorities are a little off balance. 

I especially think this after he finds Zach, dead in his apartment. The back of his head is cut open, a chunk of his brain is missing. Well, it’s not missing for long. It seems the Brain Surgeon is still alive and well, and sending Dr. Vogel presents. 

This seems like the kind of thing that should have all Dexter’s attention. But with Hannah around, nothing ever does. 

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