Midnight Mass: Book VII: Revelations concludes Netflix’s newest horror thriller. Mike Flanagan brings his passion project to an end in a spectacle of nightly terror. Returning to Crockett Island, all heaven will break loose.

The survivors of the Easter Vigil must find a way to save the world from the midnight congregation. All the nonbelievers fight for their lives. Leeza and Warren try to find a way to escape.

Alternate Midnight Mass
Midnight Mass Alt Cover

Breakdown (Spoilers)

Mildred awakes, finding a dazed Monsignor Pruitt—or Father Paul. Monsignor Pruitt explains why he came to this, clearly in a new moment of transformation. Mildred gives him sound advice: they can’t rewrite the past.

Leeza & Warren

Our survivors plan to burn the boats, fearing that Bev will spread the angel’s gift. Running from Bev, her goons, and the congregation in general, our survivors will take a note from Riley Flynn and sacrifice everything. They send Leeza and Warren to find safety, only able to hope the two find it. Annie Flynn confronts Bev, calling the woman a bad person and sacrificing herself to give our team time.

The angel enjoys its feast, but Leeza finds the opportunity to light it aflame. Unfortunately, this doesn’t do much. Luckily, the kids found a way to safety.

Matt Diedel as Sturges
Matt Diedel as Sturges

Bev gets the idea to burn the island to ash, leaving only the church. As infected inhabitants escape the fire, Monsignor Pruitt understands what he has done. Accompanied with a fitting reflection of countless vampire eyes in the dark, he realizes they are the wolves hunting the sheep. Bev finds this a test of her faith, officially taking the lead. Her first decree, ensuring only the right people make it in her arc.

Monsignor Pruitt says the church is open to everyone, or else it isn’t God’s house, finding Dr. Gunning spraying oil inside its walls. They share the only moment they had as Monsignor Pruitt reveals why he watched her growing up. This moment ends as the survivors attempt to burn the rec and church.

In the end, Ali makes things right and saves the world while Erin takes down the angel.

Zeth M. Martinez

Final Thought

Midnight Mass: Book VII: Revelations pays off the slow and lingering anticipation that marks the series. Midnight Mass starts with the Ichthys symbol and ends with a sun shining a light on all that dwells in the dark. However, this is a story of belief as opposed to Christianity specifically. Ali saves the world and returns to Islam, while Riley remains an atheist but makes a sacrifice.

Bev in the Sun
Bev in the Sun

Bev speaks of her faith but delays the end as long as she can, desperate for precious seconds. No figure is more tragic in that regard than Monsignor Pruitt. Having given his life to the church, he is desperate for a family with the woman he loves. So desperate for that time, he turns to a vampire in hopes of getting it.

If you are a fan of Mike Flanagan’s prior work, this show is for you. I personally recommend this series to any horror fan who likes a slow-burning supernatural thriller.

At Peace

I’d rate this episode:
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

The series as a whole:
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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