Jeff Burton’s Terror at Baxter U immediately has plenty of strikes against it. For starters, that title’s pretty clunky, isn’t it? It just doesn’t sound right! I would have went with something else. It’s also a low budget picture, and those are a dime a dozen. Although I saw it on Youtube, it’s available in one of those hit-or-miss 50 movie DVD collections (which are often more miss than hit). Nevertheless, I actually liked this movie. Despite the amateur acting and all the standard critiques…

…Well, wait a second here. I actually like Terror at Baxter U more because of it’s amateur aspects! Also, quite simply, I’ve seen (and technically own) far worse films than this. Some people say it’s the worst film they’ve ever seen, but I’d personally prefer this crap over the average superhero movie coming out these days (which are severely over-hyped and overdone, all at once!). It was also filmed (at least primarily) at Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. I live in Michigan, but that alone doesn’t make me tolerate this film better.

Three Actors Who Partially Save The Film

This movie somewhat maintained my attention for a few reasons. One is that some of the actors are actually memorable. One is Tom Ultz as “Snapes the Janitor.” You’ll probably hate that character, but I loved the over-the-top, creepy acting. Frankly, he should have been the main character. Another memorable performance (for me anyway) is Bill Vincent as a withered Professor named Harold Moxie. The other characters I honestly don’t even remember. There’s some guy who dresses as a clown, gets drunk and pees in some bushes.

Some characters bicker and fight, and they have some weird obsession with the Chupacabra (which may or may not be what’s picking them off). Still, none of those are as interesting as Snapes or Moxie. In fact, “Moxie and Snapes” sounds like ity could be an old vaudeville comedy team. I also appreciated Rob Blankenhorn as Lt. Emil Klinger, who wants to be a good cop guy, but fails overall.

As one might expect, none of these characters have chemistry, they all swear like sailor (and are otherwise crass), and you’ll be annoyed by them. In other words: It’s a rather standard, low-budget horror flick. I guess it also stars Johanna Lixey and Phillip Van Wagoner, but I don’t particularly remember their characters or what happened to them (low budget horror amnesia is a real thing, folks!).

The Flaws of Terror at Baxter U

Alright, so I don’t want you thinking I’m too much into this film. I’m not. It’s something that could have been done better. There is no memorable monster here, and I don’t even remember the kills much, despite some of them being gory. Still, I’ll be one of the few people on earth who might watch this again some day. I think that’s mostly due to Mr. Snapes, honestly. Sometimes it’s that one character who saves a horror movie. Anyway, I’ve written enough about Terror at Baxter U. Lord knows I shouldn’t have this many words on the subject, but there they are. You’ll probably think this movie sucks, but whatever.

If you had any thoughts on Terror at Baxter U, what do you think they’d be? Let us know in the comments, I guess.

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