Sluts and bolts is what the tag line said and boy they weren’t wrong. Frankenhooker is an early 90s horror film written and directed by Mr. Frank Henenlotter. If you recognize the name then no doubt you are aware of his other such wacky goretastic creations, such as the Basket Case Trilogy, (one of my fav franchises) and Brain Damage another cult classic from the morose movie magician.

Frankenhooker has earned a reputation amongst horror classics becoming a cult phenom all of its own even earning praise from Ghostbusters legend Bill Murray, quoting “if you see one movie this year, it should be Frankenhooker!” 

 The movie is a parody of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. Come on, That’s a no brainer! The entire movie is completely ridiculous but then what else would you expect from Henenlotter? There is gore aplenty and the movie will have your heads exploding from such a ‘titivating’ experience. Frankenhooker has everything that a horror fan asks for including a giant pile of disembodied tits! I don’t know about you but uh, I’m in! Ha

She’ll Have You In Stitches!

Frankenhooker features quirky over the top performances from faces such as; James Lorinz who plays the leading male role as Jeffery Franken. Love the names given to the characters in this movie! Franken is a well-written character. When losing his bride to be after a fatal lawnmower accident the mad Herbert West wannabe decides to take it upon himself to recreate his dearly departed using hooker parts! 

Patty Mullen who plays Elizabeth/Frankenhooker is probably my favorite actor in the whole movie. Her commitment and dedication to making the morbidly beautiful Frankenhooker animate were truly fun to watch. There was never a scene where I found myself un-entertained. Frankenhooker is crass and hella perverse but that’s what makes it fuckin awesome! The color scheme of the Frankenhooker was beautifully crafted. Everything about the movie was just electrifying!

All in all, I highly recommend Frankenhooker. The gore effects were a true pleasure to witness staying true to Henenlottors classic grotesque, contorted slimy mucus, pulsating monsters made from leftover body parts was truly a blessing to behold. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be chased down by a multiple titted mutant?

Frankenhooker is definitely a movie that you will want to grope with both hands! What are you waiting for fiends? Flip that switch!