Bill, Sookie, and Jason return to a Bon Temps in the throes of Maryann’s power.

At Sookie’s house, Maryann is building a really gross rotting fruit and raw meat altar for her God she is trying to summon. She continues to seek Sam Merlotte – for a human sacrifice.

The Capture

Sam and Andy team up, trying to figure out how to kill a maenad. Sam knows that Maryann is sacrificing him to call her God to Earth. Andy continues to drink, but isn’t completely useless. Arlene calls Sam crying, asking him to come to the bar. Like a dummy, Sam goes. When he arrives, they are ambushed – of course – and Sam and Andy have to lock themselves in the freezer to escape.

At Bill’s Place

At Bill’s house, Jessica and Hoyt deal with Hoyt’s mother. She is black-eyed and saucy. As Hoyt’s mother continues to spew vitrol at Jessica, Jessica gets fed up with it and attacks Hoyt’s mother.

The Showdowns

Bill and Sookie go to her house to confront Maryann. Bill attacks Maryann, trying to drink her blood. He becomes sick and vomits from her blood, greenish-black as it falls from her neck. Sookie seems to have a power she had no idea about when she pushes on Maryann’s face and a bright light comes from her palm. This just makes Maryann more curious about what Sookie is.

Jason heads over to Merlotte’s with many weapons in hand, and threatens all of the black-eyed townspeople from Merlotte’s. Jason releases Sam and Andy from the walk-in freezer, but not long after, the townspeople return. Sam surrenders himself, but Jason and Andy feign being the God who comes in order to trick the townspeople into thinking Sam has been sacrificed and their work is done. Sam shapeshifts, making it look as if he has been smited. Well, Sam definitely has some explaining to do to Jason and Andy after this.

Tara’s Exorcism

At Lafayette’s place, Sookie and Bill work to remove Tara from her black-eyed spell. It is hard work, but between Sookie’s mind-reading powers and Bill’s glamouring, they are able to return Tara to normal.

Bill needs help finding out how to defeat a maenad, and tells Sookie he must visit the one person who may be able to help. At a palace, a guard tells Bill that the queen is expecting him. A new character, coming right up!

This episode is moving us along quickly to the conclusion of this season. All we need now is to defeat Maryann.

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