Wondering what happened to Sabrina Morningstar when she went through the mirror? We sort of left her in a cliffhanger, didn’t we? Tossed into a laugh track world inhabited by the cast of the 90’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I half expected we were just going to leave her there, assuming she was picking up the Melissa Joan Hart roll and, well, rolling with it. 

But that’s not what happened. Sabrina instead finds herself on the soundstage for the hit show, Sabrina. The show that’s been going on for longer than any show ever made.

This world is super confusing, right from the start. All of our favorite characters are there, but none of them are quite themselves. They’re also not quite who they were in the 90’s show. It’s as though the characters from the Chilling Adventures are playing the characters from Teenage Witch. 

Confused yet? I sure was. 

Then we’ll throw in the fact that all the ‘actors’ live on stage. Their understudies sleep under the beds of the stars. Everyone eats nothing but canned tuna and drinks nothing but milk. And Sabrina Morningstar is only there because the last Sabrina was sent to the Green Room. 

No one ever comes back from the Green Room, as I’m sure you can imagine. Don’t worry, we’ll see inside it later.

If you saw the Teenage Witch when it was on the air, you’ll remember that instead of Sabrina having a familiar named Salem and a cousin named Ambrose, she had a cousin who’d been turned into a cat named Salem.

Salem, if you’ll recall, was a wisecracking puppet of a cat. Voiced by Nick Bakay, who also played Norbert on the Nickelodeon show Angry Beavers, Salem was maybe the funniest thing about Teenage Witch. 

In this, the puppet is less of a puppet and more of a cat statue they move around from place to place. And no, Nick Bakay doesn’t play him. Also no, he’s not funny. Despite assuring Sabrina multiple times that he gets the best lines. 

The episode was a lot creepier than I was expecting. The lighting is weird, the implications of this dark world are horrifying, and lots of scary little details are implied rather than ever said out loud.

This was one of the best episodes of the show, honestly. Something I don’t think they could have gotten away with until the end of the series. It was a glorious gore treat and I loved every second of it.