With just three episodes left in the series, I was expecting this episode to ramp up the drama and horror. And, surprise, it did.

We start the episode with Sabrina Spellman feeling something she’s not often felt in her life; guilt. She’s worried about Sabrina Morningstar in the alternate realm. She worries that the Eldrich terrors are all her fault. And, I mean, she’s right. 

While she’s worrying over that, others are worrying over far deeper concerns. Lilith, after brutally murdering her child, has gone a little crazy. She’s cradling a doll in her arms, pretending that her Adam is just fine. Has she finally gone too far in her insane reaches for self-preservation? Well, we’ll see.

Meanwhile, Prudence, the best witch on the show, is caring for her sister Agatha. Who is still, you know, crazy. I’m astounded by how caring Prudence is towards the people she cares about. She’ll cut anyone else down with her sword or her tongue. But if you’re her sister, she’ll show you the meaning of that word.

All of these little personal horrors come to a head when the dead start returning to the land of the living.

And, I have to say, this starts in the cutest way possible. Aunt Zelda’s familiar, Vinegar Tom, returns to her. My heart, my heart. There’s nothing purer than a woman and her dog.

Of course, this show being what it is, I spent the rest of the time Vinegar Tom was on the screen worrying that he was going to go Cujo and kill someone. 

Not all the dead returning are so warm and fuzzy. A rock band called Satanic Panic comes out of the gates of Hell to, um, win a battle of the bands at Baxter High? They come back from Hell and that’s what they want to do? 

So many cool things happened here that I’m just going to touch on a few real quick. Dr. Cee’s mother comes back, and we find out she killed most of his ex-girlfriends. She tries to kill Hilda, of course. Edward Spellman returns, putting Sabrina in the situation of getting to meet her father while not being able to tell him that he’s her father. Dorkus returns and plays dolls with Agatha. And, of course, baby Adam cries in the walls of Lilith’s room.

Mama Marie plays a pivotal game with Lazarus to save the living and the dead. This scene, in its ambiance and weight, was well done.

In the end, the story all comes down to the battle of the bands. And this is where the episode lost me. Satanic Panic played first. And they were, let me just say, bad. There’s no way anyone would have listened to that song and voted for them. Especially after the Fright Club just hit it out of the park. I mean, maybe I’m biased because I’m a huge Rocky Horror Picture Show fan. But man, was that song fun. 

It’s entirely unbelievable that anyone would think Satanic Panic won. 

The ending felt thrown together and feel good without a lot of logic. It was fun to watch, don’t get me wrong. But it could have been a lot damn better.

With just two more episodes to go, I can only hope that the ending of the series won’t be as rushed as the end of this episode.