Question: Where are the parents in this town?

Stranger Things 1 and 2 at least had families worried sick over the whereabouts of their missing kids. Season 3 all but skips over this plot point and lazily had parents assuming one kid is sleeping over at another’s – for like a week.

Stranger Things 3 was a miss for me. The first two seasons relied on mystery and menacing. This season relied on action and suspense. The main characters were saved an unbelievable amount of times and protected by plot armor. The villains do the classic knock away or punch-fest instead of the finishing move on people we care about.

Season 3 relied too much on Hollywood dramatization and not enough on intelligent characters figuring out the puzzle or solving a problem. They do cleverly uncover some secrets, but mostly stumble into and scrape by out of trouble.

I hope season 4 is less melodrama and product placement and more sinister secrets and low-key creeps. More lies and less gunfire. Relatable, sympathetic characters instead of cheap caricatures of 80s icons.

With an IMDB rating of 8.7/10 and Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer of 90% and Audience Score of 85%, I give Stranger Things 3 an 8.0/10. I found it unfortunately forgettable but look forward to what’s next.