Today we are going to look over the best stories from Halloween Specials 13-15. These selections include parodies of an H.G. Wells classic, a Twilight Zone episode and Stephen King’s the Dead Zone.

Episode XIII: “The Island of Dr. Hibbert”

Still easier to watch than Tusk.

In 1896, H.G. Wells published a novel called the Island of Dr. Moreau. In short, the story is about a shipwrecked man who is left on Dr. Moreau’s private island, where he creates human-animal hybrids. Likewise, the Simpsons visit the Island of Lost Souls, where Dr. Hibbert runs a resort and has a side hobby of turning humans into animals. While Wells’ novel tackles heavy themes of torture and consent, the Simpsons doesn’t take the science as seriously and makes it more lighthearted, as they are one to do. This isn’t a scary story, but it is bizarre and outlandish enough to get someone in the Halloween mood.

Episode XIV: “Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off”

The Twilight Zone‘s “A Kind of a Stopwatch” tells the story of a man who finds a stopwatch that can stop time. I won’t give the whole plot away. I just think you need to know the first sentence of the opening monologue:

Submitted for your approval or at least your analysis: one Patrick Thomas McNulty, who, at age forty-one, is the biggest bore on Earth. 

The Twilight Zone Season 5 Episode 4

This Simpsons‘ segment is about Bart and Milhouse, who find a stopwatch that can stop time. They use it for the stupidest reasons, as any child with this kind of power would do. (Hell, I, a grown woman, definitely would. But I digress.) Of course, nothing lasts forever, except when the stopwatch breaks and Bart and Milhouse permanently stop time.

Episode XV: “The Ned Zone”

Both Stephen King’s novel and this Simpsons parody, in which a comatose man develops horrifying visions, are rather grim, though the latter is far more humorous. In “the Ned Zone,” Homer “accidentally” hits Ned in the head with a bowling ball, hospitalizing the poor man. Fortunately for Ned, this turns out to be a saving grace because he had a brain tumor that would have killed him had the hospital never checked his head. What’s more, Ned’s brief unconsciousness gave him premonitions about people’s deaths. One man falls out a window while another falls into a pit of alligators. But Ned is most horrified by Homer’s fate: he shoots Mr. Simpson in the back three times.

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October 18 is the release date of this year’s Halloween special, and you bet we will be covering it. Until then, make sure to check out more of what we’re listening to here at Haunted MTL.

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