One thing I love about watching these annual episodes is seeing how the writing and stories gradually grow every year. For example, I haven’t seen a “Treehouse of Horror” special with as much blatant product placement as this one. It’s always been there of course, but this episode really wants to shove sugary breakfast cereal and black licorice down our throats.

“Hex and the City”

A fortune teller curses Homer, but it’s his loved ones who have to pay the price. Marge wakes up with an enviable beard and mustache, Bart’s neck stretches to the heavens (also, maybe you shouldn’t choke your kids, Homer), Lisa becomes a centaur and little Maggie is a humanoid ladybug. But Homer doesn’t take anything seriously until his two friends and Moe get killed after a helicopter crashes into the bar. The only solution? Catch a leprechaun with some product placement Lucky Charms. However, no one seemed to warn Homer that this leprechaun would cause the Simpsons even more suffering.

“House of Whacks”

In this science fiction parody, Pierce Brosnan voices a homicidal AI Bot that seduces Marge and murders Homer. The story is much longer and more complicated, but the only other thing you need to know is that our world leaders will absolutely use AI’s with sexy voices as a way to continue desensitizing us to their social control (because they already are).

“Wiz Kids”

J.K. Rowling is a disgrace, but this Harry Potter-inspired episode is quite entertaining. Lisa and Bart attend the Springwart’s School of Magicry. Lisa is perfect and good at everything, and Bart can’t even use a spell to conjure up a prince without creating a monstrous frog-man. Jealous of his sister’s powers, Bart replaces her wand with black licorice, essentially leaving her to die on stage in front of everyone’s families as she fails to levitate a gigantic dragon.

The Verdict

This Halloween special branched away from its typical horror tropes and spoofs, but it was nevertheless a spooky fun watch. The next “Treehouse of Horror” is heavily immersed in science fiction themes, and it isn’t until Installment XIV that we get back into some classic horror (including another Twilight Zone parody).

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