On today’s Halloween special, we look at a parody of the Exorcist, Coraline and Stephen King’s short story “Survivor Type.”

“The Exor-Sis”

Homer’s attempt to order a pizza goes terribly wrong when a statue of Pazuzu arrives at the Simpson’s doorstep. The demon immediately gloms onto Maggie’s soul, possessing the baby to kill multiple guests at Marge and Homer’s dinner party. An Irish priest performs the exorcist, but it doesn’t get rid of Pazuzu so easily. Maggie just might be the cutest little demon to exist. I loved this rendition of such a classic horror story and am slightly surprised it took 28 Halloween specials to do it.


Lisa is fed up with her home life. She doesn’t get the attention she deserves, no one respects her genius, and The last straw is when Maggie, still healing from her Pazuzu possession, throws up “everywhere but the kitchen sink.” But there is an entire world out there Lisa doesn’t know about. Her talking cat Snowball V (voiced by Neil Gaiman) takes her through a secret tunnel, where an alternate dimension of the Simpsons resides. Immediately, Lisa falls in love with the family, but she is slightly terrified of them and their buttoned eyes. However, when she gets back home and finds her father killed a snake with her saxophone, buttons for eyes no longer seems so terrible. I loved everything about this episode. The 3D animation was exquisite and the colors created a wholesome, yet unsettling, atmosphere.

“MMM… Homer”

Leave Homer alone for a few seconds and he’ll start eating himself. Frankly, it’s about damn “Treehouse of Horror” did a solid cannibal horror story. This segment is based on the Stephen King short story “Survivor Type,” in which a marooned doctor eats parts of himself to survive. This Simpsons parody is nearly as gruesome as King’s. The main difference is the marooned doctor had no other choice while Homer would rather eat himself than vegetables.

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It’s almost crunch time, Halloween is just around the corner and these “Treehouse of Horror” recaps are almost coming to a close. If you find yourself loving the contents of today’s installment, you should check out this graphic novel, this list and this podcast.

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