This episode of Dexter pulled at my heart strings. Of course, I have a dark twisted little heart. So that might just be me.

We start with the unfortunate death of a witness who was willing to testify against Little Chino. This just so happens to be the mother of the man who was killed in episode one.

Little Chino, of course, is the killer Dexter accidentally let get away. Dexter has many problems with this. Not the least of which that this guy’s the side of a train and he knows Dexter’s face. 

As if a mountain of a man hunting him wasn’t bad enough, Dexter’s also got the FBI sniffing around. A diver found his body bags. There are a lot of them. 

While things are getting dicey at work, Dexter’s neglecting Rita. And this isn’t the time to be ignoring her. She’s planning a funeral for Paul. And she’s pissed at Dexter. She’s kind of pissed at everything. Astor, smart girl that she is, calls Dexter to tell him that something’s wrong with her mom.

That’s got to be the gold star for a boyfriend. Mom’s freaking out, she needs her man. I thought that was cute.

I also noticed in this episode that Dexter is seemingly incapable of lying. Not that he ever tells the whole truth, of course. But he’s always got some sort of half-truth. You’ve got to pay attention to what he’s saying, it’s delightful.

Another thing I like about this episode is how Deb is dealing with her trauma. Which is to say, realistically. She’s working out too much, almost decking dudes at bars. She throws a kid on the ground and scares him so bad he pees his pants. Which isn’t great and far too realistic. But at least the writers are letting her feel her feelings. She’s scared as hell, and that’s natural.

One thing I don’t love about this season so far is Esmee, the new lieutenant. She’s got something going on with her fiance. And it is kind of controlling her whole life. Which is causing her to do some questionable things. It’s also causing her to lean on LaGuerta. Who doesn’t deserve it. This bothers me because I hate seeing a woman get so messed up over a guy. It also bothers me because I worry that LaGuerta, who I’m growing to love, is going to have a bitch backslide and use Esmee’s weakness against her.

We’ll have to see how things go, but I’m looking forward to episode three. 

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