Season two of Dexter didn’t start with a bang. It was more of a slow burn leading to an explosive ending.

Dexter’s life isn’t going great. Some of this is runoff from season one. He’s not exactly emotional about killing his brother, Brian. Well, not emotional in such a way that we might experience. He does have a running countdown in his head, marking how long it’s been since he killed him.

Whether he’s doing this from guilt or because it’s the last time he’s killed someone is muddled. He’s feeling the itch, though. 

But getting to the business of killing someone’s going to be tough. Sgt. Doakes is tailing him everywhere he goes. He’s also got Deb at his apartment because she’s too scared to be alone right now. So, he’s got no time to himself.

Maybe that’s why he can’t kill anyone. 

When he finally slips his leash and tries to kill a man whose been poisoning people for money, he finds that he can’t do it. He just cannot punch the knife into the guy’s chest. 

And this is just the start of Dexter’s problems. He’s having trouble at work, accidentally stepping in blood, and even forgetting to take the lens cap off his camera. He’s having trouble with Rita, too.

And Rita’s having her troubles. Paul’s in jail, which is great. Rita, to her credit, is taking the kids to see him. Paul, to his credit, is being a good dad when the kids are there.

But his he? Or is he playing nice so Rita helps him? See, Paul’s a monster. But he’s not a stupid monster. He knows he wasn’t shooting up. And he knows he lost a shoe. If he can just get Rita to find the shoe, he can prove that someone knocked him out and shot him up.

So, he wants Rita to find him said shoe. You know, Rita. The woman he beat and almost raped. Then, tried to sue her for full custody of her children. She’s not really into helping him.

Of course, she did find that shoe. So, there’s that. There’s that shoe, making her question Dexter. 

Things were quite bad enough for Dexter before he accidentally let a victim go. A victim that happens to be a massive mountain of a man, who saw his face.

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