We arrive back in Bon Temps at Fangtasia, where Eric and Russell are handcuffed together and burning outside in the sun. Godric’s spirit appears to Eric and begs him to forgive Russell and end the hate. Eric resists, screaming into oblivion.

Inside, Sookie wakes up with Bill in her face. She slaps him and asks where Eric is. Pam tells her and she heads outside. Sookie uses her powers to detach the handcuffs that bind Eric and Russell and she drags Eric back inside. Sookie has Bill bite her and she feeds her blood to Eric.

A recovering Eric tells the group that Godric told him they must spare Russell. Sookie goes outside and drags Russell back in. They chain him up to one of the poles inside the club. Eric has Sookie guard Russell while everyone sleeps during the day because he cannot glamour her.

Let Me Go

Russell offers Sookie money and property to let him go, but she ignores him. She finds out that the glass jar is Talbot’s remains and pours them down the garbage disposal as Russell screams. This moment reveals something new about Sookie. She has been such a good girl, innocent and caring. In this moment, she is angry and sinister. I’d love to see more of this dimensional side of Sookie. She’s becoming not so one-note.

Alcide arrives and Eric and Bill take Russell to a construction site. Before Sookie leaves, she rescinds her invitation for all vampires present into her home. Before he drives away from the construction site that he’s brought Eric and Bill to, Alcide confirms that this favor erases his father’s debts to Eric. Eric and Bill bury Russell in concrete, making sure that he stays frozen in space and time — doomed to decades trapped in concrete alive and suffering. Russell tells them that one day he will get out and they will be sorry. I don’t doubt this.

Bill suddenly turns on Eric and puts him in the concrete as well, covering him up. Bill takes Eric’s phone and calls his assassin disguising his voice as Eric’s and asks him to kill Pam.

Sam’s Secret

The morning after spending the night together, Sam makes Tara breakfast. He admits to her that he is a shapeshifter. Tara is shocked and gets angry at Sam for not telling her, stating that it’s fact she’d like to know before sleeping with someone. She thinks over her experiences with Maryann and Franklin and decides she’d like to know how to live her life without the interference of the supernatural.

Later that day, Sam goes to his office to find it ransacked and his brother missing from his rental property. He finds Tommy and chases him in the woods. When Tommy won’t return his money, we see Sam pull a gun and fire.

The Bust

The DEA have come to Bon Temps in preparation for a raid on Hotshot to seize V and meth. Jason finds out from Andy that the raid is happening that very day. Andy warns Jason that if he tips Hotshot off, he can kiss his dreams of being a cop goodbye.

Jason and Crystal race over to Hotshot to warn them. When they arrive, Felton shows up with a shotgun. He tells his father that he cannot get rid of the V, and it becomes obvious that Felton is using and is addicted. Felton shoots Calvin in the face and takes not only the cooler of V, but Crystal as well. Jason is left to fend for the town of Hotshot.

He is brought into the station for tipping off Hotshot and Andy lectures him about how dumb he made the town look. Jason asserts that those people had no one to help them and that he did the right thing, even if it means he can’t become a cop.


Hoyt goes into work to find his mother, Summer, and his high school guidance counselor waiting to stage an intervention. Hoyt listens to what they have to say and then wishes Summer well and walks away. Good for Hoyt!

Later on, Hoyt brings Jessica to an empty home and tells her he wants to marry her and live there with her. Good for them! I’ve been rooting for them from the start.

Meanwhile, we see Maxine – Hoyt’s mother – shopping for a gun. Uh oh.


Lafayette is still having visions that come to him in waves. He talks with Sam behind the bar, and sees Sam’s hands covered in blood. While working, Lafayette has a vision of Rene choking Arlene, saying he is inside her. Everything Lafayette is seeing is real, as we know from our knowledge of all the characters’ pasts.

He calls Jesus, who comes and consoles Lafayette, and tells him that he is a bruja – a witch. I suspect they both are, but there is no confirmation yet.


Tara walks in on her mother having sex with her pastor – who is married with children. After her interactions with Sam and her mother, she cuts her hair into a bob. This seems to be an awakening, a rebirth, for Tara. She is moving forward.

The Finale

Sookie opens her door to find Bill. He tells her that both Russell and Eric are gone – that he ended them. A concrete-covered Eric runs up. Eric asks Sookie if she knew that Bill originally was interested in her because Sophie-Anne wanted to make him find her. Eric also points out that Bill let the Ratrays beat Sookie until she was almost dead so that he could feed her his blood to bond with her. Sookie banishes both of them from her home, sending them away.

Inside Fangtasia, Pam has killed their assassin and is alright. Eric laments that he is now out an assassin. Pam asks if he killed Bill and he responds that he did something much worse than that to him — he broke him away from Sookie.

Bill invites Sophie-Ann to his home under the pretenses of drinking Sookie’s blood and walking in the sun. Bill tells her only one of them is leaving the house and they begin fighting to the death.

Sookie visits Gran’s grave and tells her that she is lost. Claudine shows up and Sookie disappears into fairy land.

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